Straterian LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Straterian provides innovative solutions for 
governments, NGOs, and businesses through
  wargaming, red teaming, and critical analysis

Primary Areas of Expertise:

  • Wargaming Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief / Crisis Response operations for domestic, joint, interagency, and multinational organizations
  • Red teaming national and international Crisis Response contingency plans
  • Instruction on research, analysis, critical thinking, and strategic planning to prepare for and respond to Black Swan events 
  • Validate the accuracy of future plans by challenging assumptions and identifying biases
Secondary Areas of Expertise:

  • Aiding institutions and NGOs that support good governance in Latin America, East Asia Pacific, and Africa by critical analysis of their activities in challenging conditions
  • Assisting NGOs / organizations in understanding their operational environments in authoritarian-ruled countries or in crisis response situations
  • Providing businesses contrarian analysis for their overseas activities
  • Wargaming scenarios within the constructs of fifth and sixth generation warfare
  • Peacegaming: Development and testing of scenarios' phase 0 and phase 1 of crisis activities / crisis response 

PSC Codes:

B538 Special Studies/Analysis- Intelligence

B541 Special Studies/Analysis- Defense

B549 Special Studies/Analysis- Foreign/National Security Policy

B551 Special Studies / Analysis- Mobilization / Preparedness 

R405 Support- Professional: Operations Research/Quantitative Analysis

R429 Disaster Planning, And Preparedness Support

U099 Education/Training- Other


541611 Strategic planning consulting services

813311 Human Rights Organizations

813319 Other Social Advocacy Organizations

928110 National Security (Primary NAICS)

928120 International Affairs

922190 Disaster preparedness and management offices, government

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