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A review of Kenneth Waltz's "Structural #Realism after the #ColdWar." It's all about #resources. -- Peter Joseph Moons, Academic Papers.

posted Feb 6, 2013, 4:53 AM by Peter Joseph Moons
Kenneth Waltz, in his article “Structural Realism after the Cold War,” argues that analyzing interstate politics through the realist lens is still both viable and accurate as a theoretical approach. The US will experience internal over-expenditure of resources for ever increasing external responsibilities, while a new global competitor rises, restoring the balance of power in the international system. Waltz sees a coming contest where democracies may be pitted against each other in the balance of power and he argues that interdependence can both prevent and cause war. This argument revolves around access to resources, and when resources become scarcer, the probability of war logically increases.