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#Thoreau, #Socrates, or Dr. #King: Choose your #Philosophy. -- Peter Joseph Moons Academic Papers.

posted Feb 26, 2013, 2:35 AM by Peter Joseph Moons   [ updated Feb 26, 2013, 2:53 AM ]
Can you pick out  who is the libertarian, who is the tea-party member, and who is the democrat?  Or are there hybrids of these concepts and others on the political spectrum within Socrates's, Thoreau's, and King's philosophies?

  • Socrates was against civil disobedience, as he saw that obeying the laws of the polity, to which he belonged and benefited, was the most important aspect of political life. Socrates would have tolerated any law, no matter how unjust, so long as the citizenry had agreed to that law.

  • Henry David Thoreau's attitude would only stymie the functioning of a government that works for its people.  Essentially, Thoreau would have done what was right for Thoreau.

  • Dr. Martin Luther King magnanimously sought to non-violently correct a recognized injustice and this method is the most beneficial for a society.

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