Domain Awareness -- an Über-Monitor in the #SurveillanceState.

posted May 2, 2013, 2:57 AM by Peter Joseph Moons

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Comments by Peter Joseph Moons.

A Surveillance "Super System" would be needed to integrate diverse monitoring platforms.  NYC's Domain Awareness System, a joint NYPD-Microsoft project, achieves that robust goal.  NYC appears to employ a vast personal data collection, storage, correlation, and retrieval system, which is exactly what would benefit an entity trying to capture, analyze, categorize, and then react to priority activities.  The best system is one that would pull in all of the available data streams, both public and private, and then data-crunch the inputs to send security services to a location before they are needed.

For the citizens, New Yorkers deserve some transparency in how the system works and on its efficacy, since the City is collecting on citizens, likely using local and federal funds to do so.  The short term goal, then, is to instill accountability into any process of security, while ensuring a defense of civil rights. This is needed as the implementation of security systems, particularly video ones, is occurring faster than legislation can catch up.

Control Grade: 7. (One could argue a monitoring system is just that: observation and not control.  Though, the ability to control comes from knowing location, which this system provides.)

Freedom Grade: 3.