#MinorityReport coming to a #SurveillanceState near you!

posted Feb 3, 2013, 5:32 AM by Peter Joseph Moons

Comments by Peter Joseph Moons.

A futuristic program looks to provide analysis that offers a high probability of predicting the future.  The "Mind's Eye" project seeks to identify 'what comes next' when analyzing human behavior.  Prediction is a very interesting concept that is ingrained in human culture thanks to the film  "Minority Report;" of course, the "pre-cogs" doing the predictions were humans, but the reality is that computers will provide such insight.  When computers are crunching massive amounts of data repeatedly, especially when covering the same or similar scenarios, trends become identifiable.  Projects like "Mind's Eye" will present probabilities of future actions based on what has preceded the present.

This technology, when perfected, has the potential to be a game changer for governments...and businesses.  Imagine a government installing cameras and computers at high crime locations.  Eventually, the technology would alert authorities when human behavior has the highest probability to result in a criminal act on another person.  Laws, regulations, and courts will have to adapt to the impact of this technology.

Likewise, this technology could provide stores/shops the ability to statistically predict when a person is going to select an item and put it in their shopping basket.  Based on when a consumer comes into a store, are they alone or with children, what they have already selected, and how they wander through the aisles, will be some of the factors this software will analyze.  Perhaps advertisements on items and their prices could be transmitted to that shopper just before their arrival at a product to influence their buying choices.  

Once the technology comes into existence, people will either become accustomed to its influence, or, alternatively, the 'non-succumbers' will avoid its impact and may randomly change their behavior in an attempt to defeat its probability function.  Most people will accept this technology as will governments, owing to the labor-saving impact of its use.

Government Control Factor when implemented: 9.

Personal Freedom Factor: 1.