Web-Connected "Buddy Cups" are first step in limiting your personal consumption & #freedom in the #SurveillanceState.

posted May 16, 2013, 2:00 AM by Peter Joseph Moons

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Comments by Peter Joseph Moons.

Budweiser's experimental “Buddy Cup” is a digital "pint glass" with Facebook connectivity.  This prototype connects to Facebook and could post on a user's wall, which would be a unique way to make new acquaintances or keep friends updated.  

The Buddy Cup is quite a novel product that could have deep reaching implications if the idea is taken to the extreme.  Similar to the fork that tracks your eating habits, a Buddy Cup could measure all kinds of data points.  If such web connectivity was mandated for alcoholic beverages, imagine a time where alcohol consumers in bars, restaurants, festivals, or sporting events were required to wear an electronic bracelet that links to a web connected cup.  Every time the imbiber tips back their glass, the cup could send the amount of alcohol consumed per millisecond to a database: Anyone who drinks too much, too fast could be identified by an algorithm and the authorities notified after a certain limit is reached. 

Further, in a panopticon-like, web connected state, a person's weight, age, liquor tolerance, previous alcohol consumption, and any other metric can be measured against a norm.  An algorithm could determine when that person is expected to reach the state-determined Blood Alcohol Content and alert the bar keep to cease selling alcohol to that person.  The consumer's web enabled bracelet would 'communicate' with the Buddy Cup, or any other such beverage container, and alert the authorities when someone tries to bypass the protocols above.  Such a methodology would cut down significantly on underage drinking, and even drinking while driving, because the electronic bracelets, Buddy Cups, and vehicles would all be connected and interfacing with 'the government.'

As seen once again, security for society in general would increase under this type of scenario, while individual freedom would decrease.  Essentially, though, these types of control measures would replace what is usually known as 'good judgement' and put the decision-making for choices, such as how much alcohol to consume over a certain period of time, in the hands of a computer.

Potential Government Control Grade: 9.  (Someone would likely find work-arounds to defeat a Buddy Cup's connectivity, so a 10 rating is unlikely.)

Freedom Grade: 1. (If the government controls the sale of alcohol, then its rules will apply and preclude an individual from making many of the choices they currently make.)