"Your papers, please!" - Social Media asking for your ID in the #Surveillancestate.

posted Jan 30, 2013, 2:39 AM by Peter Joseph Moons

by Peter Joseph Moons:

Two big social media outlets are now requiring users to verify their identities. Instagram and its parent Facebook now ask users for a copy of a government issued identification card.  While not government entities, of course, these two social media providers leverage much weight in the lives of users and businesses.  By asking for ID's, they decrease anonymity among users and allow personal data to be directly linked to one person -- a major benefit for advertisers, data analytics, pollsters, etc.

Bottom line: If a consumer wants to use a product, then they must agree to the terms of service of the provider.  This new aspect of social media, however, benefits companies who want to legitimize their clientele, which makes the totality of the companies' users more attractive to advertisers.

Control Grade (for business): 5.
Freedom Grade: 5.