YourTV Is Watching You! - #Surveillance by TV

posted Jan 8, 2013, 2:36 AM by Peter Joseph Moons
Security Hole in Samsung Smart TVs Could Allow Remote Spying -

Comments by Peter Joseph Moons:

A security hole in Samsung Smart TVs has left the devices vulnerable to hacking.  The result: potentially your Smart TV's forwarding looking camera and microphone, used for videochat like Skype, is accessible by a third party to record what they see and hear.  Moreover, the security flaw allows remote access to externally connected USB devices,such as those containing photos, video, or any other data.

This is not the first, nor the last, consumer electronic product in which a surveillance threat was found.  Consumer devices that can be turned around and pointed at the user, or the environs of the user, will likely increase until a culture of security is imbued in the consumer electronics industry.  And if not standard protection against vulnerabilities, at least manufacturers will have to offer a "shut-off valve" that allows consumers to disable the transmitting capability of their individual devices...for the security of personal information as well as peace of mind.  However, with the Facebook-repeated mantra of 'more sharing is better,' such precautionary security options in consumer electronics may not come to market.  Look for more individual security companies to find flaws and vulnerabilities in specific consumer devices in the years to come and to publicize them roundly; some notices will have an effect while the great majority of consumers will psychologically disregard such security concerns as not applicable to them personally.

Government Control Grade: 4 (Currently.  Such vulnerabilities on this Samsung Smart TVs do not appear to be a manufacturer's desired goal, but the potential for a government, company, or individual to monitor another exists.  In sci-fi, Orwell's 1984 proffered two-way TVs that monitored compliance with government standards to great effect, curiously enough.)

Freedom Grade: 6